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1959 Nationals held in Minneapolis MN. This was the first National win for the Shadows.



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This Shadows picnic we believe was at Dick Roes parents cabin at Riggs Grove in Aroma Park, Illinois. The red woody station wagon belonged to Norm Sipple and took us to many a color guard contest in Illinois and Wisconsin. The picnic was 1959 we think. The people I Identified were, Norm&Pat Sipple w/kids, Mrs. Hanson, Dick Roes mom and dad, Frank & Fran Flowers, Mrs. Radke, Mrs. Cartier, Dick Roe, Dick (kraut) Glaesur and his dad, Mr. and Mrs. Shaller, Mrs. Sullivan, Dave Radke, Doug McNutt, Jim Carlson, Bill & Rusty Flowers, Terry Betts, Mike Prindle, Sandy Flowers, Linda radke, and Sally Betts in no particular order. If you see a mistake please let me know.